Group Members

  Muhammed Murtaza
Principal Investigator
-PhD, 2014, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
-MBBS, 2010, Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan
-PubMed, Google Scholar
  Tania Contente-Cuomo
Lab Manager, Research Associate III
-Masters, 2004, New University of Lisbon, Portugal
Ahuva Odenheimer 
Research Associate II
-Masters, 2014, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Bradon McDonald
Computational Scientist
-PhD, 2016, University of Wisconsin Madison
Michelle Stephens
Research Associate
-Bachelors, 2017, Arizona State University



Jun Zhao
Clinical Fellow, 2016-2018
-DO, 2011, University of North Texas Health Science Center
-Pediatrics Residency, 2015, University of Texas Southwestern
-Hematology/Oncology fellowship, 2018, Phoenix Children's Hospital

Havell Markus
Associate Bioinformatician, 2015-2019
-Bachelors, 2016, Arizona State University
-MPhil Computational Biology, 2018, University of Cambridge
-currently MD-PhD student at Penn State
Maria Farooq
Postdoctoral Fellow, 2017-2019
-MBBS, 2016, Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan
-currently Internal Medicine Resident at University of Pittsburg Medical Center
Pankti Shah
Masters student, 2014-2016
-Masters, Arizona State University
-currently at PwC

Mehreen Kisat
Clinical Fellow, 2015-16
-MBBS, 2010, Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan
-Masters, 2018, University of Arizona
-General Surgery Residency, 2018, University of Arizona
-currently Acute Care and Critical Care Fellow at Brigham and Women's Hospital

Alexandra Nazareno
Undergraduate Intern, 2014-2016
-Bachelors, Arizona State University
-currently at Optum Rx

Sridhar N Srivatsan
Graduate Intern, Summer 2016
-Masters, Indiana University
-currently at Washington University in St. Louis

Christopher Krimbill
Helios Intern, 2014
Jigar Patel
Helios Intern, 2016, currently at Arizona State University

Nieves Perdigones
Senior Postdoctoral Fellow, currently Staff Scientist in the Hendricks/Trent Lab at TGen

Lab Photos

September 2017

December 2017: We broke out of the Escape Room

August 2017: Lab outing at Topgolf

October 2016: Complementary bases.. Happy Halloween!

August 2016: Lab lunch, farewell Sid and welcome Ahuva!

July 2016: Jigar presenting a poster at the Helios Symposium 2016